1 The Life-Changing Value of a Winning Mindset

Let’s talk about something that can change your life for the better…

A winning mindset.

When you have a winning mindset, your life improves in so many ways. You enjoy better relationships, a more successful career, more happiness, better health, and on and on…


Default Mindset vs. Winning Mindset.

Consider the difference between the person who has a default mindset vs. the person who deliberately and actively cultivates a winning mindset. They can both have the same intelligence level, the same education, the same opportunities.

Yet the person with the winning mindset will have a much different and better experience of life. The seemingly trivial things that upset and derail the person with the default mindset won’t hold them back.

The setbacks the person with the winning mindset experiences will seem like much less of a challenge. Plus, they’ll notice opportunities more easily and get what they want much more often.

How can I say this so confidently? I speak from experience. In my early life, I had substantial hardships, including poverty, a single parent with substance abuse problems, and physical abuse.

I was also surrounded by people who had the type of life I wanted no part of.  They told me I couldn’t have the life I wanted. Because of their own mindsets, they didn’t believe I could rise above the life I was born into.

Yet I believed and felt differently. From an early age, I sought out mentors, I read stories of others who had pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and succeeded and I did mindset work before I even knew what that was.

All this made a huge difference in my life and made my dreams not only possible, but easier to accomplish than I ever wouldn’t imagined.  I’m confident I can help you enjoy your life and dreams the same way.

Please tune into to Episode 1 of The Winning Mindset Mastery Podcast to hear my story and find out more.

Here’s to your success!


April Shprintz 



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